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Recorded @ The Phudd Phactory
Produced, Engineered & Mastered by Phil Judd


riding to school on an old grey mare
a dripping sandwich for lunch
better rush home to milk the cows
no time for fun & navel gazing
now papa told me that's how it was
in a time & place
I can't possibly imagine
so come on old man now take my hand
as you close your eyes & drift away

PaPa.. nobody understands
PaPa.. one hell of a man

1939 put up his hand
fighting for the greater good
gave Mr Rommel a jolly good whoopin'
but he came home a wounded soul
no place for pity no room for tears
go get a job, carry on regardless
am I the only one who understands
what you been through
a man can only take so much

PaPa.. a man of a different time
PaPa.. a better man, you'll never find
Papa.. don't you worry 'bout a thing
it's gonna be alright now

before he knows it's 1955
three little boys to feed and keep alive
just a humble grocer
coulda been so much more
chained to his business
shackled to his wife
every day he ponders he coulda had a life
no time for fun & navel gazing daydreams

& with hindsight I forgive it all
I can see it now, how that anger wells up in you
a generation that had no choice, oh & you had no voice
you simply did what you had do
Papa.. don't you worry 'bout a thing
it's gonna be alright now


from UniQue ~ 2016 solo album, track released December 1, 2016
Written & performed by Phil Judd


all rights reserved


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