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Recorded @ The Phudd Phactory
Produced, Engineered & Mastered by Phil Judd


born to blow our tiny minds
locked inside our bedrooms, it's 1969
& we're listening to the far out sounds
heads spinning to the psychedelic bands

makes me dance, takes me to a place that I ain't been before
a golden world ..strange new lands
& they're wearin' flowers & holding hands
& they're dreamin' dreams of peace & love
& making music..takes us on a wild wild ride

Blind Faith, Red Crayola, Balloon Farm, The Association,
Kaleidoscope & Moby Grape, & don't forget
The Moving Sidewalks..Vanilla Fudge, Blues Magoos,
Electric Prunes & Strawberry Alarm Clock

have you ever heard a psychedelic band
have you ever seen a psychedelic band

The Misunderstood & Captain Beefheart, H P Lovecraft
The Small Faces, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
The Silver Apples & Fever Tree
The 13th Floor Elevators, The Yardbirds & of course Traffic

got me a tie-dye t-shirt & I got me a pair of flairs
playin' on a set of bongos..listenin' back 40 years
& drag out the old vinyl.. & I'm diggin'
the psychedelic bands

have you ever heard a psychedelic band
it'll blow your mind, take you to another land
na na nana na etc

free love free love free love
they're singin' songs & doin' groovy things
with words that make no sense
they plugged us in they switched us on
make love not war..free love free love
make love not war etc


from UniQue ~ 2016 solo album, track released December 1, 2016
Music co-written by Phil Judd & Nathan Beehag
Lyrics written by Phil Judd
performed by Phil Judd & Nathan Beehag


all rights reserved


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